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QuickBooks Error 1327

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QuickBooks accounting software also encounters error while running the application. The errors can be defined as technical or functional and occurs due to many possible scenarios. QuickBooks Error 1327 is among the most discussed error by the QuickBooks users. This error usually takes place when the user attempts installing this program that refers invalid drive number. It happens if the computer system gets disconnected from the system drive or else in the event of deletion of a USB drive this is certainly portable device for storage.
In case the USB device is disconnected from the computer system, you will need to connect it once again and then try exactly the same process again. Just in case you face the similar problem within the second time you will have to restart your computer. Further you can look at once again. Still if the the error persists you ought to carry out resolution steps to correct the QuickBooks Error code 1327.

How to Resolve the QuickBooks Error Code 1327?
For resolution of the error code 1327 you can carry out of the below mentioned solutions.

Solution I: Attempt Reinstall & Repair of Microsoft .NET Framework

Follow the below mentioned steps for to undertake re-installation and repair of this MS.NET framework this is certainly installed in your PC and additional verify in case QuickBooks is installed again.

Go to Start menu -> Control Panel -> Programs
Then click “Turn Windows features on or off” option.
If you are notified with an admin password or confirmation, go into the password or accord confirmation.
Find out of the MS.NET framework 3.5.1 -> uncheck the box -> then click OK
Reboot the computer.

Once you restart open “Turn Windows features on or off” option and place a tick mark next to MS .NET framework 3.5.1 and reboot the device.

Solution II: Run the Registry Editor

Go directly to the run dialog box and then click to start it.
Enter regedit on the go that is open-> Select OK. Here, Registry Editor will open.
Now, go right to the registry editor to obtain the specific key:
HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerShell Folders.
Find out the entries that list the drive letter mentioned in the matter in the right side of the panel.
Edit the wrong drive to point to C:
Attempt update process once again. If process is performed modify the registry again.
Just in case the error persists you can easily interact with the the QuickBooks customer care team. Alternatively you can get in touch with a reputed firm for QuickBooks supports employing competent QuickBooks experts. They assure prompt support and complete error fixing in the 1st call itself. Call to connect to your toll free phone number this is certainly active round the clock.



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